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Where to purchase My LIfe in the Milonga

Click on a link below to purchase a copy 

Bookbaby: https://store.bookbaby.com/book/my-life-in-the-milonga

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/My-Life-Milonga-Journey-Argentine/dp/154396902X/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=

Launch date is July 8th.  You can now pre-order the the paperback version or download the eback version on Amazon today.

ibooks: Coming soon

Contact me: lifeinthemilonga@gmail.com


Learning tango


     I have referred many people to Ale over the last few years.  After the person first lesson I usually get a phone calls or message that communicates the following.  He is one step above any other tango teacher I have ever had.  Or,  I know you bragged about him but you didn't brag nearly enough. 

     If you are ready to open your heart and learn honest tango he's for you.  Plus he'll take your technique to another level as well.

Information about Milongas in Buenos Aires and Barcelona


If you are in Buenos Aires this website is indispensable. It's not just about the milongas it is anything and everything to do with tango in Buenos Aires.  I would also recommend the app for your phone. 


This is all your information for tango, but in Barcelona.

Clothes, SHoes, etc



Soft Chocolates by Betsy Henderson designs lovely, comfortable pieces made for dancing. These Tango clothes are designed to melt around you, feel sensuous, and are characterized by styles that allow the dancer to be you.  Her specialty has been custom designed clothing for special events and unique figure types, achieving a perfect fit for each client. She combines her love of dance, and the Argentine tango with flowing fabrics as inspiration for her current Soft Chocolates® collection. You will also find her at some of the larger tango festival in the U.S.

Buenos Aires


I attached this link mostly for directions to their store in Buenos AIres.  which is on Arenales in recoleta. You take a turn into a small courtyard, head to the back, go up a flight a stairs and ring the doorbell. There is a small sign at the back of the courtyard, but don't expect any signage on the street. They do not sell online. If you are even thinking of heading to Buenos Aires wait to buy your shoes there.  They will cost you about half of what you will pay anyplace else in the world and the selection is huge.


They make great shoes and are some my friends favorite.  I happen to like Comme il Faut.  The fit me better and  their styles appeal more to my personal taste.


She keeps regular hours and will do minor alterations on what you buy to get the right fit. Usually in a matter of minutes


info@malvontango.com | www.facebook.com/malvontango

By appointment only.  She sells out of her apartment.  I feel she has excellent quality for the price but her style choices are somewhat limited.



By appointment only. Possible the only place to buy tango clothes in Barcelona. A Swedish girl who speaks good English. She goes to Italy and Turkey to pick up clothes and Tangolara shoes.  Quality is excellent and price is reasonable.  This is a side business for her, so availability and selection can be an issue.

Online or if you happen to be in Istanbul


I love their clothes.  I get endless compliments when I wear them.  You can buy them from Barcelona Tango Showroom or they do ship to Europe.  Probably the US as well but I have not tried.  But like so many of the above, send your measurements and a few details on how you like your clothes to fit and they do a great job of getting it right.  

Ok, I am laughing here a little bit about my commnet, if you happen to be in Istanbul.  But here's the thing.  I have discovered the airfare on Turkish Air to Barcelona is cheaper than flying direct to Barcelona.  So, I stay a few days in Istanbul pick a dress or two go to a milonga add a little adventure to the trip and still, I spend less than if I had flown direct to Barcelona.

Coming soon, date of book launch

At present it appears that that book should be on Amazon by late June or early July.  Then followed a few weeks later by ibooks, Barnes and Nobles, etc