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       For the better part of my life I called myself a California beach girl. Mostly, I thought of myself as a tomboy. I grew up on the beach in Venice, California, body surfing, and playing beach volleyball, and tennis. 

       Later I moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado where I began calling myself a mountain girl. Then, I spent my time skiing, mountain biking and hiking. I looked forward to skiing fresh powder snow on those cold winter mornings. In the summers I would hike for hours in the wilderness areas of Colorado, enjoying the beauty and solitude. If I was lucky and it was the right time of year, I would return with a bag of wild mushrooms. 

      From an early age I had a passion for travel and have been lucky enough to see a lot of the world. I have sailed in the Caribbean and scuba dived in Indonesia, the South Pacific and the Caribbean and traveled to many European countries.

     Then came the day I saw Argentine tango danced for the first time. In a matter a months it became my passion. 

I have a throw pillow sitting on my couch.  That says: 

                  Life is short

                  Live your dream

                 And share your passion

When I bought it many years ago, I thought, ok, I know my dream is to travel more. But what's my passion? 

      Well now I know, my passion is tango and its fit perfectly with my dream of travel. These days I travel the world living my dream and sharing my passion for tango with the people I meet along the way.

Chapter 14 Breasts



Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Two objects that have a serious allure to

most of the men in the world. In Buenos Aires, one might say the Porteño

male has an obsessión with breasts!

Do you wonder what might be missing in you life?



Passion? Adventure? A sense of direction? Self-esteem?  Possibly my book will inspire you to find that missing something in your life.

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